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Things Have Changed For 2015


Shortly after starting our Organization we have learned a great deal about what goals we wanted to achieve and could successfully accomplish. We now have one goal, which is to get a piece of land in upper Pennsylvania for Veterans to use, preferably 20+ acres to start, but with the option to continue to purchase surrounding lands as we grow. Mainly a place for Veterans to get away and chill out for a few days. This will be our main focus from now on.


  • Camping Plots for Nightly or Weekend use (Both Temp Cabins/Fire Pits and Tenting/Fire Pit Plots).
  • Days at the Range (Rifle and Pistol).
  • Days at the Lake for Fishing.
  • Firearm Safety Courses for Members and Family.
  • Hunting, Fishing and Trapper Courses for Members and Family.
  • Access to Property for Hunting (Membership Pool Only).
  • Day and Weekend Trips for Camping and Backpacking.
  • Obsticle courses and Confidence courses.
  • Any other programs/activities that benefit Veterans on The Veteran Recreation Center's Land.


Thank you in advance for any and all of your support!!!!!